Consumers who buy a new car will get a regular service book at an authorized workshop. In addition to maintaining the condition of the car to stay fit, it turns out that routine maintenance has another function. Maybe many do not know, that consumers never do regular service in accordance with the book guidelines regarding warranty claims and the rules of an extended car warranty, then the warranty claim can be rejected.

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So every new car that we give a guarantee, such as engines and others. If you never do regular service, then the warranty can be forfeited or the application is rejected.

The average warranty provided by Toyota, which is three years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first). During the validity period, consumers are required to serve in an authorized workshop based on multiples.

If it’s just one time, the warranty can be refused. So it must be all this time, why, because we can monitor how the condition of the engine or car.

If there is never a routine service, said Iwan, the car cannot be monitored. So, that is the main reason why a warranty can be refused.

We are worried that if we never have regular service and we don’t monitor, the car owner will just replace the spare parts without our knowledge. The impact is that if it is damaged quickly, it will be dangerous.