Hospitals as an integral part of a professional social and health organization, whose services are provided by doctors, nurses, health professionals, and so on, must always be in a clean and comfortable condition. Such an environment will have an impact on the level of community satisfaction in terms of service in hospitals. The effort was inseparable from the role of cleaning service services in hospitals. Some people might consider cleaning services jobs not so important because anyone can do it. However, they do not realize that cleaning service work requires a lot of time and energy.

Those who work in the field of cleaning service, of course, understand the field of work after going through a training process related to sanitation techniques and cleaning systems. Because the hospital as a user will choose a cleaning service company that is professional and has competent human resources in their field. Because the cleaning service company is expected to be able to provide the best service to clients. If so the cleaning service efforts in maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the hospital will always be sustainable.

An experienced cleaning service company always uses environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment. In addition, the employee selection and recruitment process are well conducted. This is in line with the commitment to provide the best service to clients. Basically, the cleaning service seeks to provide comprehensive cleaning services for a building or other building, with the help of cleaning machines, non-machines, and chemicals carried out by a cleaner or cleaner.

Thus the cleaning service at the hospital can play a role in creating a good impression on the building and its environment. The presence of cleaning services can also create a comfortable atmosphere to support daily activities and maintain the use-value of all objects in the hospital environment.

In the end, the cleaning service at the hospital aims to provide cleaning, tidiness, comfort and hygiene services to end all activities. So that people will feel satisfied getting good service in terms of cleanliness and comfort in the hospital.