Recruiting janitors from staffing agencies is inseparable from various problems and obstacles. Some of them can even be categorized as organized fraud. Choosing a trusted employment agency is not easy, but if you choose staffing agencies columbia sc , you don’t need to worry because they already have a lot of resources that have worked in many places and can be trusted.

Here are some modes that are often found in the field to watch out for.

1. Dealers ask for administrative money to be paid in advance via transfer, then the janitor is never sent.

Fraudsters advertise in online media by providing the lure of sending the janitor you are looking for immediately. He asks you to immediately transfer administrative costs (a common term among distributors for intermediary fees) so that the worker you ordered is not taken by someone else. But in fact, he ran away after you gave the money. His telephone number has been inactive since then.

2. The service provider places a janitor for some time, then picks him up again.

Pick up is sometimes done by someone who claims to be his brother. The pretext used is all kinds. For example, the person who picked them up would deliver bad news about the family of the janitor and ask for permission from the office so he could bring his brother home for just a few days. The janitor is promised to be delivered back soon. When you complained to the employment agency, they claimed they didn’t know anything about the grandmother’s business. Or you are promised a replacement, but that will never happen.

3. The janitors provided are not skilled, not ready to work or ask to go home with reasons not comfortable.

The most important thing that a company forgets when choosing a janitor is to interview prospective workers in great detail. If the interview is conducted correctly, the level of skill and experience of the worker is easily known. Evil will be smelled early.

4. Employment agents and janitors work together or conspire to blackmail companies.

One of the modes of organized crime is cooperation between employment agencies and janitors to steal company data or data from important people and then threaten if they will sell the data to rivals of the company. This crime is the most feared.