Email marketing is an important part of online marketing, this is because e-mails cost quite a bit compared to printed pamphlets or text and also e-mails are more easily accepted by customers. There are many service providers where you can easily create newsletters with good designs, segment your contacts, and send the right content to the right people. Although email has many advantages, there is one problem, if the email does not reach the customer’s inbox, then there is no revenue. And this is a matter of deliverability. Deliverability is starting to get attention, but there are still many marketers who consider it trivial and don’t take the time to fix this. Especially because to improve deliverability requires a lot of costs and a long process. But with good deliverability, you will get a large load. So it would be very good if you pay attention to the deliverability of your email by using email tester service.

Frequently, the risk posed by poor deliverability is ignored or even unknown. You will often find spam messages in e-mails, and of course, you find that annoying. This is why you shouldn’t buy contacts and send emails to those who don’t voluntarily subscribe to get emails from you. When you don’t pay attention to deliverability and become a spammer the most likely thing is that your email will be blacklisted. If blacklisting happens to a marketer, the price to pay is not only the income that goes down but the brand’s reputation will also be bad. You cannot ensure the reputation damage caused by blacklisting.

The first thing that you have to make sure that your email deliverability is good is that you shouldn’t buy email contacts. Only those who do subscribe and want your e-mail should be in your e-mail contact list. When asking someone to subscribe, you must clearly explain what they will get, how often they will get an email, and what if they want to unsubscribe. Email lists usually go unnoticed by marketers. Many think that the more contacts an email can send, the better. But this is very detrimental and decreases your deliverability. After realizing what makes your deliverability problematic, you can begin to rebuild your brand reputation and customer trust and using email tester service is a good start.