It seems that the term ergonomics has become a close friend that is often associated with equipment used by human body movements. Be it office stationery, mobile phones that are often held by hands, shoes that are used as footwear, and what we are now discussing is the office chair you use every day. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some of the best office chairs, we recommend you to take a look at Herman Miller.

Make sure the office chair you use meets the ergonomic rules of the body so as to minimize the level of fatigue and tension in your pelvic muscles. If you already feel comfortable and don’t feel stiff, then the work will go smoothly right?

On the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to put your head on the back to simply relieve fatigue after all this time struggling with high concentration. For this reason, we need a chair that can provide a place for you to lean your head and shoulders.

This is highly recommended by health professionals who often receive complaints from patients who often feel stiff neck (behind the neck) and migraines. After about two hours you wrestle with work, you should relax for about 3 to 5 minutes to rest your head and shoulders. Repeat this break every two hours.