Once it is installed in two trees and it has been stretched, the hammock will be used for sleeping or sitting. Stitching on a hammock is one of the weaknesses that users should know about. According to experts, damage to hammock material is caused by threads that do not fit and the sewing process that does not match the material. Some experts also suggest touching with your hands to feel the hammock’s stitches. How to find a good stitch is to feel the texture. If the texture feels sharp, according to hammock experts, the stitching is not good. In addition, the recommended stitch for hammocks is three layers. On the other hand, if you only want to buy a high-quality hammock, then we recommend you to read some of the best camping hammocks reviews.

In addition to the seams, the hook also affects the quality of the hammock. Relaxing using a hammock is a risky activity. Security knowledge is required in all parts of the hammock. One factor to consider is the hammock strap. Ropes that are often used for hammock hooks are webbing and nylon. Webbing has a weakness when experiencing friction with a rough texture that will easily tear and break. The recommended hammock strap is nylon. Nylon straps have up to 450 kilograms of strength. In addition, the advantage of using nylon straps over webbing is that if you experience friction with rough objects, there is still space between the broken fibers.