Every job has its own level of pressure and discomfort. It’s just that there are some things that can still be fixed and some that are not. Before you call your work environment is not healthy, first identify the signs and how to overcome them easy cowork. An unhealthy work environment is basically a condition in which both people outside the scope of the office, the atmosphere, work, or even the whole are very disruptive to your life. When it happens at your office, perhaps you want to find a healthier coworking space bangalore.

Sign of an unhealthy work environment

There are some signs that can show that your work environment is not healthy. These signs or symptoms not only emerge from your environment but also you.

The following are physical signs that you might experience if your work environment is not healthy.

Often wake up during sleep.
Lack of sleep.
The heart beats fast.
Sweaty hands.
No appetite or even overeating.

While the signs that emerge from your environment are like this,

Communication is not going well.
Almost no enthusiasm.
High turnover rate.
Friendship among employees is limited to coworkers.
Many employees feel tired, bored, or even sick.
Too many gossip or rumors in the office.

In addition, an unhealthy work environment can also be characterized by narcissistic leadership. Where your boss feels is always right and great, while others are below their standards.

When you experience some of the above, it is better if you do not rush to resign in a state of anger. You can try the following steps:

Do something that can relieve stress

In the face of an unhealthy work environment, the thing you need to do is ensure that you do activities outside the office that can relieve stress. Can do your hobby, or even exercise.

Open yourself for friendship

If you feel that your work environment is unhealthy and there are no sincere friendships, you might be the one who isn’t open up enough. If this is one of the causes, then start to mingle with your coworkers.

Focus on your work

You may try to just focus on your work. This can help you not to think too much about your work environment.

However, if all of the tips above fail, you may resign from that company.