Acid content is indeed the main ingredient for removing rust, especially for watches. To get citric acid ingredients quite easily can be bought on the market. To remove rust, simply mix the citric acid powder with water. Then stir until mixed and produce a perfect solution of citric acid. After that, you can soak your watch overnight. If it is enough, lift and dry the soaked watch. Then, prepare a sponge made of aluminum foil and dry cloth. Rub the rusty watch with a little pressure so that the rust is completely gone. If it’s still not perfectly clean, you can repeat the method with citric acid from the beginning again. This way, your movado mens watch can be protected from rust without wasting too much money.

In addition, tea powder can also remove rust on the watch. Besides being able to make the watch look like it just returned, it will also produce a fresh aroma. Only, using this method requires other ingredients to remove rust.

The first step, mix one teaspoon, salt or baking soda powder with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the rusty watch section. Let stand for approximately 15-20 minutes, then wash with a dry cloth.

If it’s not completely clean, you can repeat this method two to three times. So, the results are more maximal. Rust on the watch is guaranteed to disappear and produce a fresh aroma!