There are many studies that show how mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction influence one another. In many cases the addiction they suffer complicated their mental health conditions and in some, the mental illness such as PTSD, major depression or even schizophrenia comes to the surface after they start taking drugs or abuse substances. This condition needs special treatment from a center for addiction treatment that provides dual diagnosis capacity. A treatment center will have the professional that skilled in order to provide clinical treatment, counseling, therapy or any sort of medication.

There are many types of psychotherapy used in many treatment centers and one of them is cognitive therapy. This is also widely known as talking therapy where the focus is insight and acquisition of perception. All behavior patterns and negative thought will be acknowledged and addressed so the patient could change for the better. The second method used is cognitive behavioral therapy that combines behavioral modification with talking therapy. This therapy emphasizes the change in behavior responses by focusing on a single thought stimulus. For a patient with severe physical or psychological trauma, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing methods is used. This therapy is a great method for the patient with PTSD or anxiety disorder because it allows the patient process memories and found the root of the problem. Other therapy used in people experiencing trauma or ritualistic abuse called dialectical behavioral therapy. This therapy combines mindfulness psychology with core cognitive behavioral therapy. Creative therapy used to allow the patient to express themselves in nonverbal expression through art or music.

It is important to get the most effective treatment especially in dual diagnosis cases that might need a little more time and effort to fully recover. However, you need to consult with the professional at the treatment center to determine the best therapy that has long term treatment.