One thing to note is, we can not immediately see the condition of the foundation as if nothing will happen, by conditions that are closed or embedded in the ground even though something damage has happened to the foundation of our buildings, for example, there has been a decline in the foundation. For that, we must pay attention to the condition of our homes if there are visible cracks in the walls of our house. For this reason, it is important for the homeowner to take care of the foundation of the house. Additionally, if you also need to encapsulate the crawlspace under your house, we recommend you to call the best expert of Crawl Space Encapsulation.

Things that need to be done are:

1. Conduct periodic checks, if found things that damage the foundation immediately repaired.

2. Maintain the height of the ground surface around the foundation, where the height of the ground surface must remain constant.

3. Avoid placing drainage systems that are close to the foundation, this is to maintain the condition of the soil around the foundation remains solid.

4. It is recommended not to plant trees with large root types close to the concrete foundation, this will damage the concrete if the roots get bigger

5. For foundations in sloped areas, it is recommended that a retaining wall be made, in the event that water scours will cause the soil around the foundation to be carried away, it is very worrying if the ground is eroded to the lowest level of the foundation. This will endanger the building of the house itself.